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Sunday, February 25, 2007

What have I done!!

It was Molly's 12th birthday on Friday and like the fools we are, we said she could invite 2 friends for a sleep over( even though we always say "never again" after each one!) They arrived at 2 o'clock yesterday and the house was in chaos from the start!
Me and Rob watched CSI till 1 'clock and the girls were still chatting, and when I woke up at 8 they were chatting again. I wouldn't mind, if only they knew how to whisper!
Luke was being a typical stroppy little brother and kept saying "it's not fair, she gets to do this, that and the other" and the last straw was that they ate all of his cereal today - OOPS! I made him pancakes to smooth things over a bit.
I decided to get the girls out, so we went into Bath to wander around the shops. It was quite nice as I was able to let them go off on their own whilst I shopped for a birtday pressie for my friend. I also spoilt myself by having a malted hot chocolate from the Cadbury's cafe!
All is quiet now that they have gone home. Half term is over for me, so must have an early night to be ready for work tomorrow.


Rosie said...

Glad Molly had a lovely birthday Di.

You and Rob need to get some sleep now - never again eh? Until next year that is! HAHA!!

Di said...

Glad the sleepover went okay Di. Amazing how they can stay awake all night.....I'd be like a zombie for 3 days if I did that LOL!

Caroline said...

I know what girlie sleepovers are like, and you have my full sympathy.