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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Rosie has tagged me!!

I have to give seven facts/ habits about myself. I'm not going to tag another seven people though as they are the same ones that have already been tagged!

Here goes:

1. I passed my direct access motorbike test first time in May 2005.

2. I was in the front row of Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway!

3. I collect Eeyores, and even have a tattoo of him on my back.

4. I met my husband, Rob when I was 18 at a Halloween night party !

5. I am stubborn and have to have the last word!

6. I love my job.

7. I am addicted to crafting!!

Sorry if they are a bit boring, couldn't think of anything else!!


Rosie said...

Ant and Dec????!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Caroline said...

I've been tagged too Di, but gonna have to have a think about it. I love Ant and Dec........hehe.....